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Tuition 2024-2025


Hot lunch fees will be charged separately. Free/reduced lunch applications are available at the beginning of the school year. Additional charges may arise during the school year. Not included are field trips.

Scholarships & Tuition Aid

A goal of St. Adalbert School is to provide a Catholic education to every student that desires one. The commitment of St. Adalbert parents is evidenced by their continued contributions, both in time and money, toward the operation of the schools. Every family pays something towards the education of their children in St. Adalbert's. However, we realize that many families have financial barriers that impede their ability to fully fund their children’s Catholic education. St. Adalbert Catholic School and many parish organizations have established various tuition assistance funds for the purpose of assisting qualified families with tuition assistance based on their financial need. Cost of tuition should never be a reason for families not to enroll their students at St. Adalbert.

For more information, please visit contact

Forms of Tuition Assistance

  • St. Adalbert Tuition Assistance Grants

  • Bishop Tuition Assistance Grants

  • SCRIP Program


Every family questioning its ability to fully fund its children’s tuition at St. Adalbert Catholic School is encouraged to contact the principal at to discuss funding options.

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