Each Sunday for Mass, dedicated members of our parish assist in fulfilling various roles of our Mass. We are thankful for their decision to share their time with our parish.


If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server, Extraordinary Minister of Communion, Lector, Usher, Money Counter or Scrip Seller, please contact the office. Please know that some of the roles require a prior meeting.

                                                             COVID SCHEDULE

                                                   Saturday, 7 pm - Sunday 10:30 am

                                                                 APRIL 2021

SATURDAY                                                                           SUNDAy                                                   

Date:                                                                                      Date:

April 10th            Lector:  Ron Yenter                                        April 11th  Lector:  Gary Ross                                                        Ushers: Tyler Rivay, Ron Yenter and                                 Ushers: Volunteers



April 17th:           Lector:  Kari Burns                                         April 18th:  Lector:  Lisa Mercurio-Wroblewski                                Ushers:  Cody, Mark & Sherry Wanta                               Ushers: Volunteers

April 23rd           Lector:  Cindy Rivay                                        April 24th:  Lector: Dennis Fredock

                          Ushers:  Dennis Fredock                                                   Ushers: Dennis Fredock, Tyler Rivay

                                                                                                               & Volunteer

                                                 April 25th:       Lector:   Gary Ross

                                                                       Ushers:  Volunteers

READINGS:  Sunday:  Year B, Weekdate Cicle 1


Lector- Please read any announcements after Communion.  They will be on the lectern.  Please meet and confirm with Father before Mass.  Helpwww.usccb.orgclick 'Daily Readings' on the blue bar.  Select the date.  Select podcast for audio.

*Reading 3 in book is the same as Reading II on Worship Guide.  Reading 5 in book is the same as Reading III on Worship Guide.

If there is a choice of reading for the day, the Worship Guide will probably have the first choice in it.