The Finance Council is a consultative body that assists the Pastor to act justly and prudently in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods, including the regular monitoring of parish accounts and expenses.

Finance Council Members:

Rich Kosiec

Rosemary Richmond

Gerard Wroblewski

Jenny Malek

The pastoral council is the principal consultative body of the parish that gives their help in fostering pastoral activity.  They help the Pastor in establishing priorities among the various aspects of parish activity; and the formation of policy and the development of programs of pastoral activity.

Please feel free to view or download minutes from past meetings below:


Parish Council Members:

Chris Kaminski

Fred Simonis

Gary Ross

Pete Rekowski

Karen Simonis

Mike Kaminski

Office Hours

Parish: 715.677.4519

School: 715-677-4517

MoN: Closed

Tues - Thurs.: 7:30a to 3:30p

Fri.: 7:30a to 3p